About Coffee

Coffee Roasting Levels


Confused? Don't feel bad there is a lot to learn here:

American Roast: The lightest of the Medium Roasts. This is where most feel drink ability begins.

City Roast: Developing sugars in the bean.

City + Roast: A little deeper roast, more sugars developed.

Full city Roast: Just starting into the  dark roast.

Full City + Roast: Developing the dark smoke flavor.

Vienna Roast. (Light French Roast): Developing the Dark Roast.

French Roast: Deep into the Dark Roast.

Italian Roast: Almost on fire!

Coffee Roast Defined

Medium Roast: Medium roast coffee is medium brown in color with a non-oily surface. Traditionally, a medium roast is the most preferred type of coffee roast in America. If you prefer a flavorful, traditional cup of coffee you'll enjoy a medium roast.
AKA: City, American, Breakfast 

Medium-Dark Roast: Medium-dark roast coffee beans are a rich, dark brown color with a semi-oily surface. This type of roast produces a modest bittersweet aftertaste. If you prefer slight bittersweet notes and deep flavors, you'll enjoy a medium-dark roast.
AKA: Full City 

Dark Roast: Dark roast coffee beans are nearly black, oily and produce a noticeable bitterness. The darker the coffee bean, the less acidity will be present in the coffee. If you prefer a heavy mouthfeel and strong flavor, you'll enjoy a dark roast coffee.
AKA: High, Continental, New Orleans, European, Espresso, Viennese, Italian, French 

Coffee to Water Ratio

  • 1 Cup of Cof​fee (5oz) 
  • 1 Spoon of Coffee or Weight  (0.3oz or 8.25g) 
  • Water Amount  (5oz or 150ml

About Hot Air Roasting

Why Hot Air Roasting

Hey! What do you like in your Coffee? Honey, Cream, Half and Half, Hydrogen Sulfide..... WHAT!! Hydrogen Sulfide??  Most coffee is roasted over open flame natural or propane gas. When that happens Hydrogen Sulfide is infused into the bean. If you let it off gas for 4 to 7 days at room temperature the government says that only a safe trace is left in the bean (ugh, ok, they never get anything wrong). A fluid bed, hot air roaster, uses clean electric heat to roast the bean to perfection! Next time skip the Hydrogen Sulfide and order your fresh roast from Shermans Valley Coffee Co.!